1.  Objectives

  • ​​​​​​​To state plainly the way in which players who play in Bowls Southland events are expected to conduct themselves and the consequences of any breach of the expected standards of behavior.
  • To ensure that all players are aware of the standards expected and the consequences of breaching those standards.
    2.  General
  • This Code of Conduct is to be followed on all occasions and in all places where the player can be seen to be a member of clubs under the jurisdiction of Bowls Southland and includes the venue of play which means the green, surrounds and clubhouse of the place where the player is about to, or is competing or has competed.

Player’s Obligations
1. The Competition
To maintain at all times a high standard of sportsmanship and fair play. This will of necessity include:

  • Always playing to the best of their ability and where appropriate to perform as part of a team.
  • Abiding by the Laws of the Game, its Regulations and the Conditions of Play specified by the Controlling Body.
  • Respecting and accepting without question any ruling given by the Umpire (subject to any right of appeal given by the Laws).
  • Not to take any performance enhancing substance and in particular strictly to comply with any regulations adopted by Bowls Southland in regard thereto.
  • Present themselves for competition in an acceptable physical and mental condition and standard of appearance.
  • Maintain towards opponents an attitude of respect and politeness.

2.  Other Occasions
To refrain from:

  • Any behavior which might reflect unfavourably on the game, Bowls Southland, or which might bring any other player, official or Bowls Southland into disrepute.
  • Making any comment to the media and in particular any public announcement or media comment that might bring the game into disrepute.
  • Any discriminatory practices based on race, religion, ethnic background or special ability/disability bowlers.


  • Abide by and comply with all directions of Bowls Southland.
  • Accept and act upon any judgment of any duly appointed official of Bowls Southland as to any unacceptable behavior.
  • Abide by the requirements of Bowls Southland as to dress including sponsor’s logos.
  • Respect the tournament officials, volunteers, officers, members and staff of any Club at which the event is being or has been played.
  • Respect the Officers and appointed officials of Bowls Southland.

If the Convenor, having heard any explanation that the player concerned may proffer, persists in any breach of this Code of Conduct, the Convenor may withdraw that player from the event.  The Covenor must report breaches of this Code of Conduct to the Controlling Body on the prescribed form.  Any player who is dissatisfied by any action of the Convenor in relation to this Code of Conduct may require Bowls Southland to enquire into the conduct in question of the player in regard to it.

Note: This Code of Conduct has been adopted by Bowls Southland, which requires every player who wishes to play in any Bowls Southland event, to accept these conditions as a means of entry to the event.